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by  IsoNode
Item# : INLAAG
Shipping Message :  Shipping is $1.99 per set in the U.S.A.


anti-vibration feet - large

IsoNode anti-vibration feet are the easiest and most affordable way to make a major improvement to your audio or home theater system! Simply peel off the adhesive backing and place the IsoNode feet on the bottom of your CD/DVD player, turntable, peamp, amp, speakers, subwoofer or other component and achieve a new level of performance.Virtually every aspect of your audio or home theater system will be enhanced!

Try them for FREE!

Yes, you read it right – this is a special promotion for Audiogon members and visitors.

The large size are 1 1/4” x 3/4” and are only $24.99 per set. They hold up to 42 lbs per set of four feet and adhesive backing is included. Only $1.99 shipping per set by U.S. Post Office within the United States and Canada.

Place your order for one set of large size IsoNode feet. When we receive your order we will charge your credit card (no Paypal) only the $1.99 shipping fee to verify that your credit card account is valid and ship your IsoNode feet directly to you. Try them in your own system for thirty (30) days. If after thirty days you are not completely satisfied, simply return them to us (you can use the original mailing envelope) and we will refund your $1.99. There are no restocking fees or any other charges. It’s that simple! After thirty days we will charge your credit card for the balance of your purchase. Sales tax will be added within California.

International Customers – We are happy to make the same offer to international buyers. The only difference is that we will charge your credit card only for the shipping amount (see below) before we send your order. If you decide not to keep the IsoNode feet, please return them to us within thirty days. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund the shipping charge for international orders. After thirty days we will process your order and charge the balance of the amount to your credit card.

International Shipping Charge – International shipping for the large size IsoNode feet is $7.50 per set and $1.99 for each additional set by U.S. Post Office.


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