IsoRock GR3.5 stands

For Gallo Reference speakers
by  IsoRock
Item# : IRGR3.5
The IsoRock GR3.5 stands are specifically designed for the Gallo Reference 3 and Reference 3.1 and will significantly enhance the performance of these amazing speaker speaker systems!

$499.99 per pair plus shipping (plus sales tax to orders within California). Available in black only.

The top plates of the IsoRock GR3.5 are each supplied with five IsoNode anti-vibration feet (a $37.50 value). The IsoNode feet provide the proper interface for the bottom of the Gallo Reference speaker to the top of the IsoRock GR3.5 stands. 


Dimensions (overall) – 15” x 9” x 8” high

Weight (each) – 12 lbs. (empty) – approximately 40 lbs. (filled)

Optional IsoNode GR support feet (a specially configured kit consisting of twenty two large size isoNode feet - eleven per speaker) is available with your purchase of the IsoRock GR3.5 stands. Special pricing for the complete IsoNode GR kit is $118.00 (normally $137.50).

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On Sale:  $118.00