IsoNode GR kit

Floor mounting kit for the IsoRock GR3.5 stands
by  IsoNode
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Item# : INGR
We now offer a specially configured set of IsoNode anti-vibration feet as an option with your purchase of the IsoRock GR3.5 stands. 

The IsoNode GR set provides eleven large size IsoNode feet for each stand which is the optimum amount to support the weight of the Gallo Reference speaker and IsoRock GR3.5 stand. Once the IsoNode feet are in place the entire G
allo speaker / IsoRock stand combination is very stable and destructive vibration and resonance is stopped being absorbed and dissipated into the massive IsoRock GR3.5 stands. The IsoNode GR support feet are $118.00 per set (normally $137.50 if purchased separately) of twenty two large IsoNode feet – eleven feet per stand.
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