Basic Japanese Audio CD for the Uechi Dojo

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Sensei Gary J. Khoury presents: 1. Introduction, Basic Pronounciation. 2. Junbi Undo, counting in Japanese 3. Hojo Undo, Basic Blocks, Punches, Kicks, etc. 4. Uechi Kata, Dojo Japanese 5. Japanese you already know. Conclusion Reviews for this product are GREAT! Here’s one: Have you ever trained with different sensei and started to wonder why none of them gave the same Japanese names for the same techniques? (Ever wondered which - if any - of thier pronounciations of the Japanese names was correct?) Have you ever wondered what all that "gobbledy-gook" the sensei was saying really meant? (Or what the sensei was really saying as he mumbled his commands?) There’s hope! There’s help! Whether you are a beginner wanting to understand what’s going on in the dojo or you changed dojo for awhile to one that was run in English or you learned Japanese years ago and need to brush off the cobwebs, all those questions (and much more) are answered on Gary Khoury’s "Basic Japanese for the Uechi Dojo". Don’t let the name fool you, you certainly don’t need to be a Uechi-ryu practitioner to benefit from this CD. The CD starts off with some Japanese basics that will benefit anyone interested in the language. These are the non-martial arts fundamentals of the language that are the required first lesson for any new student of the Japanese language. Then the CD goes into the martial arts specific Japanese. Punches, Kicks, Techniques, Drills, Exercises... all the names pronounced correctly are there. There’s even a section that explains all that stuff the instructor says at the beginning and end of class! There is over an hour of specific instruction to help you out in the Japanese speaking dojo. All laid out with easy to follow tracks that allow you to jump straight to the section that you want to work on. (And you will be jumping back to sections again and again...) There are even common variations, so you can follow different instructors who use slightly different terminology as well as explanations on why some of these variations occur. My only criticism was saying that "sho" as in shodan was another way to say "first" in Japanese. this is a very minor nit to pick, but generally, the kanji for "sho" as in shodan means "beginner". Because traditional martial arts have felt that first black belt is just the beginning of training. Over an hour of lessons and only one syllable of nitpicking! It costs less than that stupid Rap CD that others are listening to and here you actually learn something! In short, this is another "keeper" and further proof that Khoury-sensei gives true value for your hard-earned money. Gotta give this one "Two kicks up!" See you at the dojo!
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