Black Belt Test Guide,4th Edition e-Book

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If you are serious about fine-tuning your Uechi-ryu karate or wish to pass your Black Belt test with flying colors or if you simply wish to study the same karate subjects that Master Kanei Uechi taught and tested candidates at the first official testing held in 1958, then this is the e-Book for you. Besides a detailed description of the test and expert tips on how to perform these techniques, drills and exercises, watch high quality video clips for both learning details and in full speed. George E. Mattson, 9th degree black belt author of this book, is an acknowledged expert in Uechi-ryu and is a highly qualified practitioner and teacher of this unique karate system. He is the author of three highly popular text books on the subject and dozens of teaching videos. According to Mattson, this e-Book is the best source of material, for both learning the fine points of the system and highly recommended training tips for passing your black belt test. In addition, Mattson goes into great detail describing common mistakes made in the system that can be easily overcome with his advice and guidance.p>

For a detailed description, table of contents and link to George’s video introduction and January, 2007 update, Click Here

This e-Book is now available in three formats: Download the e-book version. All video clips remain on the server, so the download file is small. (You must be on-line though, to view the clips)

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