Explosive Karate

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Explosive Karate: Understanding Karate Mechanics. You have all heard about Art Rabesa’s Explosive Punch and Kick. Well here is the book that teaches the techniques. 
Review from Arthur’s senior student:

Sensei Rabesa

How surprised and pleased I was when George Mattson called me with the good news that my sensei, Art Rabesa would be heading up a forum on the Uechi Site. It was a bigger surprise, (since he didn’t warn me), that the picture used to introduce Art’s forum would be one of me once more on the receiving end of a "Rabesa demonstration." Embarassed I have had the priviledge of being Art’s student and friend for 35 years. I find it hard to believe that he is finally going to get a computer and actually use it. He may as well get two right of way, I have a feeling the first one might get an unexpected flight through the window. Even though I lack much when it comes to operating a computer, hopefully I will be able to help Art get through the basics, that’s about all I know. Now that he is taking this step into the unknown, (smile) I can only say that everyone who takes the time to follow Art’s teachings, to gain an understanding that so many of us miss, will want more. Art has all this inside him and the best way I can describe him is a mind and body ready to explode. To me he has always been a teacher who takes something good and then works to make it better. Of course all teachers do that, but I have seen few who take it to the outter limits. I have never seen such explosive power. I say, "Snap your fingers." That fast. I’m not bragging for Art, I am proud to be his student. I’ll walk in his shadow anytime. I hope you all take the opportunity to study with this man. Have fun,, I know Art will.
Bill Bauknecht

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