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If you wish to order less than the complete set, just send Susan an email, telling her which DVD to send and she will adjust your charges accordingly. Individually, the dvds are $25. GEM

Professionally filmed produced & duplicated by Scott Danziger and Misty Mountain Video, this memorable dvd series will captivate you for hours & hours. A truly impressive work, capturing the excitement and skills of the top martial art instructors of our generation. Vol I: Sanchin by the Sea w/G.Mattson Karate History w/Robert Hunt Chinese Weapons w/Sifu Wong & Darin Yee Vol II: Pressure Points w/ Jim Maloney Infighting/Self defense w/ Rory Miller Vol III: Self Defense w/Alan Lowell Joint Locks & Knife Techniques w/Raffi Derderian Uechi Ryu History w/Scott Higa Vol IV: A Steve Perry workout Suparempi w/ Bill Glasheen Vol V: Combat fighting w/ Joe Lewis All Five DVD for only $114 You can order individual DVD for $25 Free Gift: Order the 5 instructional DVD and receive a copy of the 2004 Master’s Test. 

If you wish to order one or more individual DVDs they are $25 each. This check-out program will not adjust prices, but when you tell us which DVD you want, we will make the price adjustment prior to confirming the order. Thanks. G. Mattson
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