The Search for Shushiwa (3 dvd)

The historic e China journey where Shushiwa research was released to the world
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Historical 1984 China tour film. This is the trip where the link with Shushiwa and Kanbun Uechi was proposed by the Fuzhou Martial Arts Association. The three dvd combined are four hours in length, starting in the US and taking the viewers on a memorable trip through China. Many fascinating Kungfu demonstrations, both formal and informal in the parks, including Liu He Quan- (Six harmony Fist-which comes from Hebei Province-orange long sleeve teacher with 2 female students next to Tai Ji practioners at beginning of tapes), Chen Tai Ji- (comes from Henan Province-young man in middle of dirt road who redemonstrates his entire beautiful form) and Yang Tai Ji (comes from Chen Style-groups in parks) 4 hours, essentially unedited highlights of the trip. (thanks to Rudy Ibarra for identifying some of the styles found on the tape) The 3rd DVD documents the historic Fujian Martial Art demonstrations, taken at the conclusion of the Uechi family’s 1984 return visit to Fuzhou and when the Fuzhou Wushu Association concluded a five year research study regarding Shushiwa and his link to Uechi-ryu. Also a fascinating interview with Ryuko Tomoyose Sensei and visits to the famous Naha dojo where classes and demonstrations were filmed. Special bonus coverage of a children’s class at the Shinjo dojo. You will find yourself viewing sections of these films over and over. A must for every serious martial artistor for anyone interested in the martial arts. Back to Uechi-ryu Karate Homepage

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