Vidmag 6 - Superempei

Interview and demo with Simon Lailey
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This great set of videos include two disk covering Mattson and Lailey's discussion, Plus a bonus disk containing many Fuzhou martial art teachers demonstrating their arts.

The discovery and introduction of the Fukien kata "Superempei" started with Simon Lailey's trip to China and his discovery of many links to our Uechi-ryu karate, including a very long and complex kata called Superempei.

Simon contacted me upon his return to England and arranged a trip to the USA where he stayed at my house in Brockton and we spend quite a lot of time discussing the relationship of this kata to Uechi-ryu. I recorded a lengthy interview with simon and filmed him performing the kata from different views.

Not surprisingly, Simon adapted many of the moves to his primary martal art system, gojuryu and even with this added "flavor", the Uechi core movements were quite visible and prominent.

Since making this video, the information and communication world has become much smaller and we have witnessed dozens of systems with roots in Southern China and that have common movements and techniques with our system of karate. However, only the Fukien Superempei kata has survived within the Uechi world.

In going through my video archives, this dvd stands out as one that belongs in every martial artist collection.
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