Frugal Video Poker

by Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht
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Frugal Video Poker is "The Video Poker Book the World Has Been Waiting For."
—Anthony Curtis, Las Vegas Advisor

Frugal Video Poker
is the most comprehensive and detailed book ever written on preparing and practicing for, then playing, video poker. It takes you step-by-step as far as you want to go, from basic player to highly skilled. No book on video poker has ever covered so much ground!

Beginners are walked through the basics of play, learning to first distinguish between good and bad paytables, then playing them properly. More experienced players can fill in the inevitable gaps in their game to graduate to a level where they’re playing for profit. From here, coverage of special opportunities, such as tournaments, promotions, progressives, and the new cutting-edge games, paves the way to playing at as high a level as you want.

Ppb; 316 pages.

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