Tax Help for Gamblers: Poker and Other Casino Games, 2nd ed.

by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien, EA
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Now fully revised and updated to reflect changes in tax law since it was first published in 2007!

The complete tax implications of gambling are a big mystery to gamblers, accountants, and even the Internal Revenue Service itself. The IRS offers surprisingly few details to guide gamblers through the tax maze and what it does say is often general, vague, and often contradictory; IRS publications and personnel often leave you with more questions than answers.

Tax Help for Gamblers deals with the innumerable nuances and gray areas of gambling and taxes. It covers all the whys and wherefores of this complex subject, including tax-code specifics, record-keeping, filing your tax return, state-tax considerations, and audits and other tax problems. Numerous charts and forms help you see the practical application of the information. Specific chapters include: Player Record-Keeping, Special Gaming Situations, Federal Government Issues, Tax Help for the Poker Player, Audits, States That Add Insult to Injury, and How all 50 States Handle Gambling Wins and Losses, and much more.

This book is for both recreational and professional gamblers, including low and high rollers, table game and machine players, video poker and live poker players, online enthusiasts, international and cruise ship players, and people who live or gamble in states with income taxes. Whether you're a do-it-yourself tax filer or you use a tax professional, Tax Help for Gamblers is an indispensable guide to staying square with the taxman.

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