Blackened 6mm Round Ring Riveted Chainmail

Our top of the line, period armor. Very flexible, light weight and strong.  For the enthusiast who is looking for the top of the line, period armor. 4 in one design with a solid link in the middle.
This riveting tool will save you hours of work....
Price: 39.0
Price: 395.0
Price: 495.0
Open in the back. Lacing them on in this manner gives you the best fit.
Price: 650.0
Price: 150.0
Price: 195.0
Price: 95.0
picture courtesy of Historic Enterprises
Price: 295.0
Price: 295.0
Price: 395.0
Price: 295.0
On Sale: 265.5
Price: 345.0
On Sale: 310.5
Price: 495.0
This is the most period chainmail for the Roman Hamata. The right look for hardcore historians and reinactors.
Price: 1025.0
Price: 850.0
Price: 895.0
Price: 995.0
Price: 1095.0
Price: 1195.0
Price: 1295.0