Full Suit Specials

Save $100’s when you buy your full harness all at once. Take an additional $100 off any of our stainless helms with ANY of our full harnes specials. If you do not see what you want, build your own full harness and we will discount it for you!!
You get Splinted Arms, Plated Legs, and gated greaves. All in 304 Stainless
Price: 1145.0
You get a gorget, Corozina, shoulders, plated arms and legs, greaves. All 301 spring stainless plates. Super strong and very light!
Price: 0.0
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You get Gorget, Shoulders, Corrozina Breatplate, Arms, Legs and grate Greaves.
Price: 0.0
On Sale: 4200.0
You get 301 Spring Stainless Shoulders, Spring Stainless Corrozina, spring stainless plated arms, spring stainless plated legs and gated greaves. Plated areas are 301 Spring Stainless. Elbow and knee Cops are 304 stainless.
Price: 3875.0
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Breast with faulds and tassets, Back, Pauldrons and Gorget
Price: 0.0
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Full late 14th century harness with pigface bascinet. Includes arming cote, chainmail voiders and skirt, interchange visor on helm and all plate armor
Price: 0.0
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The Black Knight Returns! - Blackened harness includes Bascinet, flat ring riveted aventail, gorget, Chernburg breastplate with roped edges, matching shoulders with roped edges, splint leather legs and arms, splint greaves, gauntlets, black cote
Price: 0.0
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Price: 0.0
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Harness includes pierced Fluer Breastplate with matching Pierced Fluer Rondell Arms and Legs. Light weight and very HOT!
Price: 1585.0
embossed arms and matching legs in stainless with aircraft aluminum splinted leather
Price: 890.0
chernburg breastplate, 14th century shoulders, splint arms, full steel or SPLINTED milanese legs. You strap it and save!
Price: 1150.0
On Sale: 995.0
14th century shoulders, splint arms, greaves and legs, chernburg breastplate, ducal gorget
Price: 1380.0
On Sale: 1180.0
Placard Breastplate, 15th century pauldrons, splint tassets, splint arms and legs, ducal gorget
Price: 1465.0
On Sale: 1300.0
Arming cote, 15th century pauldrons, chernburg Breastplate, full steel arms, full steel legs, steel greaves, ducal gorget
Price: 1960.0
On Sale: 1660.0
Includes: Placard Breastplate, Aircraft aluminum 15th Century Shoulder Pauldrons, Splint tassets, lihgtweight arms, splinted legs
Price: 1685.0
On Sale: 1485.0
placard Breastplate, splint tassets, 15th century gothic shoulders, gothic splint arms, gothic splint legs, ducal gorget
Price: 1855.0
On Sale: 1655.0
15th CENTURY GOTHIC GERMAN 'MALTESE' HARNESS. Available in black, oxblood red and brown leather. Lightweight and heavy in style! Maltese placard, 15th century gothic pauldrons, gothic arms, maltese legs, splint greaves, ducal gorget
Price: 1955.0
On Sale: 1755.0
Full Steel gothic Placard, 15th century gothic shoulders, steel tassets, full steel gothic arms, full steel gothic fluted legs, gated full steel greaves, ducal gorget
Price: 2705.0
On Sale: 2500.0