All of the matching shoulders for our harness can be found here. Style are available in stainless steel and aircraft aluminum.

Spring steel. Very light and strong!
Price: 395.0
On Sale: 250.0
Price: 595.0
301 Spring stainless shoulders. Super light, super strong.
Price: 495.0
Late period shoulders shown with haute gard and removeable grande garde.
Price: 0.0
Please Call for price
Price: 0.0
Please Call for price
Great jousting protection. Full shoulder protection!!
Price: 0.0
Please Call for price
Knight Grade Shoulders
Price: 165.0
Price: 185.0
Price: 195.0
Price: 225.0
14th century shoulder protection with all of the bells and whistles.
Price: 395.0
15th Century Milanese Shoulders available in stainless or aircraft aluminum
Price: 250.0
Price: 265.0
15th Century German Gothic Shoulders
Price: 295.0
Top of the line artistic quality gothic shoulders!
Price: 695.0