Antoinette Montague


Antoinette Montague has a love of humanity and music to bring joy to people. She has played most of the major jazz clubs in New York, and recently returned from Israel with the 46-piece Ashdod Orchestra, and is on her way to to perform with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra in Russia.


Antoinette feels just as appreciated here at home by people who enjoy the spirit she loves to bring inside of her music. Jimmy Heath says, “Antoinette has the instrument, delivery and enunciation, when performing, that touches my soul.”


To understand the electrifying impact Antoinette has on audiences, just read what Larry Luttenger, of the Central New York Jazz Arts Foundation has to say: “Packed houses, standing ovation, multiple encores — after a night like that it’s the law — your guest has to return for more. We had no alternative but to invite our cabaret artist — the pride of Newark NJ, the incomparable, bluesy, swinging Antoinette Montague — back once again to present an all-new show for us."



Born and raised in Newark, Antoinette Montague was drawn to the music by her mother who was always singing and sounded like Ella Fitzgerald. Montague’s interest was further jump started by her dad. “On Saturdays my dad would drop me off at the Newark Public Library on his way to work. There I would listen to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.” 


Years later Montague met up with the renowned Etta Jones, who became her mentor. “She encouraged me. It’s going to be wonderful,” she said. Montague released her first CD, “Pretty Blues,” in 2006 featuring pianist Mulgrew Miller, saxophonist Bill Easley, drummer Kenny Washington, and bassist Peter Washington — the same group of influential jazz players featured on the new release “Behind The Smile.” Montague has appeared on the cover of Jazz Improv NY Magazine and on two book covers of Who’s Who in Jazz, Cabaret and Music. 

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