Float Like A Butterfly

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JULY 2007 Mike Longo Trio..Float Like A Butterfly - Cap1006 2007 Mike Longo, piano Jimmy Wormworth, drums Paul West, bass It seems like ages since I've gotten a true jazz recording. This one is a joy to listen to and you can take it to the musical bank of your choice. Mike Longo, influenced by Dizzy and Oscar Peterson, with whom he studied, is true to the art form and then some. Swing is prevalent, his ideas flow and his sense of melody and rhythm are magical. "Tenderly" was one of Charlie Parker's favorite tunes and Longo and company give this chestnut new and delightful meaning with their interpretive powers. Wormworth's drums are right on timewise with no extraneous clutter, just a perfect adjunct to Longo's brilliant solo. Paul West's bass lines add much to the overall effect. Toes will tap and smiles will appear upon listening to "It Could Happen To You" Magical changes are throughout Longo's message. He gets over this tune with a supple as silk approach. A solid bass solo is as hip as it gets. The haunting melody of "Laura" is painted on a palette of musical colors by Longo that display his talents beautifully. "Here Tiz" Mr. Gillespie is paid tribute to by this fine trio in a style that would make angels cry with joy... This record is like finding a gold piece in the jazz marketplace. It gets no better. 5 Stars -- John Gilbert