Functional Re-Hamonization for the Jazz Musician

Enables you to invent several different sets of chord changes for the same tune
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Introducing The Book By Mike Longo That Will Literally Revolutionize Your Ability to Re-harmonize Any Tune!
At last! A fascinating new technique that shows you exactly how to come up with the most unique and wonderful chord progressions you ever imagined possible.

Functional Re-harmonization will walk you through step-by-step procedures accompanied by notated examples that will literally transform any tune you play into several beautiful versions, enabling you to draw on them freely every time you perform. They can even be employed as you play from chorus to chorus providing you with some of the most interesting formats to play solos over you will ever encounter. You will find yourself able to put several sets of changes to the same melody line with ease once you digest these principles. Often, musicians try to accomplish re-harmonization by ear and spend countless hours laboring over a tune, only to come up with the same mundane harmonizations that most individuals are able to hear using that approach. With Functional Re-harmonization you will save hours of needless toiling over a piece and literally end up with a "new set of ears", enabling you to actually do it by ear in the future with the most astonishing results. Click the "buy now" button below to add this fascinating course to your reference library.