I Think of You

Item# : CAP 954
I'll Think of You; I Like It Here; Spring is Here; Too Marvelous For Words; Small Day Tomorrow; Too Close For Comfort; You've Changed; Close Your Eyes; For Heavens Sake; Please Be Kind; I'll Never Be The Same; It's a Most Unusual Day; I'll Think of You (reprise)
"The material on this album, like Jody, and so her expressive pallette, is wide ranging in color." Pete Mallinverni.
"Those fragmentary clutchings at our hearts as we make our way down the streets remembering who loved us when ...Jody Sandhaus brings warmth to that memory - that knowing - those yesterdays. Jody sings so gently and carefully about love that we want to ask questions, but that is not the work to which she speaks, is not the work to which she sings - which is that we should imagine and define with clarity our arrival to love and our continuance in that dream. As she animates those discoveries, we are somehow more visible - are rediscovered - in this dream of the music, the life- lessons washing across our thoughts as if we were hardly ever here. How could we not follow with her on this journey?"
--Review by John Williams, for HOT HOUSE Jazz Nightlife Guide
Jody Sandhaus Vocals
Pete Malinverni Piano
Michael Moore Bass
Leroy Williams Drums