Live From New York-Mike Longo & The NY State of the At Jazz Ensemble featuring Ira Hawkins

Live big band jazz from the John Birtks Gillespie Auditorium in NYC
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 Jazz journalist Owen Cordle once stated, "The salvation of jazz will be live jazz."  Truer words were never before spoken.  On July 23, 2013 a concert was held at the John Birks Gillespie Auditorium in the NYC Baha'i Center with Mike Longo's 17 piece NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble featuring vocalist Ira Hawkins.  This turned out to be one of those "Once in a life time" experineces in which the band was on fire with electrifying solos and crackling ensemble work that left the audience breathless and begging for more.  And here is the good news.  It was captured on a recording and is now released in full stereo sound.  This is the type of CD that will have you listening to it many times over either in you car CD player or in the comfort of your home.  Don't delay! Order it now!  This letter form world renowned author and playwrite Kirpla Gordon says it all:


"This is just to say I'm still hearing that beautiful music Mike's big band played Wednesday evening at the Baha'i Center!  Mike's charts, the solos each player took, the song selection and the way the band blended their instruments into a whole and integral sound: in a word, WOW!




In other words: I felt this warm, effusive, wonderful feeling of love enveloping me and the rest of the audience.  Yes, they swung, as they say (and what else would one expect with the line-up of players Mike assembled?), and I couldn’t stop tapping my feet, but that’s  not the half of it.  I found this music, and the dedication of the musicians playing it, connecting me to a world inside this world.  This was the kind of show I would have wanted everyone in my extended family---from  my immigrant grandparents to my great-niece and nephew---to hear.  Age didn’t matter ; the concert defied demographics and decades, genres and styles.  It put the muse back in the word music.  Mike is really carrying on Dizzie’s legacy, Dotty.  I’m a soul in wonder.




Please call on me if in any way I can help bring this treasure to more people."

Warmest regards,

Kirpal Gordon

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