NY Saxophone Quartet

The New York Saxophone Quartet is dedicated to commissioning new works for the saxophone ensemble and performing contemporary cutting-edge repertoire in both the classical and jazz fields. Our goal is to establish a worthwhile link between our audience and the new works we present, as well as to educate and inspire the next generation of performers.

At the outset in 1959, the only music accessible to the newly formed group was the classical French repertoire. As the ensemble gained notoriety and developed its own American sound
, prominent composers and arrangers began to write new material, including Gene DiNovi, John Carisi, Hal Schaefer, Manny Albam, Calvin Hampton, George Handy, Eddie Sauter, and Phil Woods.

Former members include Stan Getz, Al Cohn, Albert Regni, Danny Bank, Dave Tofani, Ray Beckenstein, Wally Kane, Harvey Estrin, Hal McKusick, Ed Caine, Al Epstein, Billy Kerr, Alva Hunt, Ralph Olsen, Ken Hitchcock, Lino Gomez, and Rob Debellis.

The NYSQ continues to represent the highest standard in contemporary music making. As the result of decades of practice and comprehensive study of the idiom, our sound is vibrant, resonant, and distinctly different from any other group on the scene today. We are recognized not only for our abilities as classical musicians, but also for our involvement in jazz education and commercial music. As experienced saxophonists and multi-reed instrumentalists, we are afforded the opportunity to perform within a broad range of styles, earning us a solid reputation within the international music community. 
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