Pretty Blues

Item# : CAP1003
I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water; Unless It's You; Pure Imagination; Pretty Blue; How Deep Is The Ocean; From This Moment On: Dedicated To You; Teach Me Tonight; Why Try To Change Me Now ? ; Mis Celie's Blues (Sister); Blue Skies; At Last
Pretty Blues is not a "garden variety" release of standards. No, It's a precisely chosen mix of ballads, blues and swing. Whith her song selection, Antoinette creates a mood that lets you know that what she has is special. Every selection is personal and a tribute to her mentors and to those who influenced her musically. And her mentors include the legendary Carrie Smith and our late, beloved Etta Jones.
A lesser singer might have shied away from recording songs taht are so indentified with others, but not Antoinette. I can listen to her renditions of "Dedicated to You" , "Teach Me Tonight", and "At Last", without longing to hear the versions by Johnny Hartman, Etta Jones or Etta James.
Humility and excellence is what Antoinette brings to her debut recording. It has been a long time coming but it was worth the wait.
Antoinette Montague
Mulgrew Miller
Peter Washington
Kenny Washington
Bill Easley
Saxophone, Flute