Rob Bulkley


Robbie Bulkley wanted to make a recording that would be a strong, creative musical statement . It has proven to be a legacy. His playing in 1979 was artistic, exacting and thoughtful and his spirit was powerfully energetic. This would be his first, and sadly, his only recording project under his own name. On November 28,1979, he assembled five musicians at Peppermint Studios in Youngstown,Ohio. After many studio hours, a high water mark had been reached in the Mahoning Valley. A musician's heart is not satisfied unless it is stretching toward the light of it's highest and best efforts. This recording is evidence of shared musical mastery and the love of the music. The creative stream of friendship and "sympatico" which overflowed that evening is captured on this very special recording.
The truth of many musician's lives is that there is often little or no tangible recorded artistic evidence when they've gone. The re-release of this music has been an act of Love from everyone involved. After our friend, teacher and colleague, Tony Leonardi, lost his fight with cancer in the summer of 2001, his wife Andrea made copies of some of the only recordings of Tony's bass playing. I received a CD copy from the LP and was so excited and moved by the light and energy that I felt compelled to share the joy.
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