Step On It with FREE Drum CD Package

You get the CD "Step on It " plus the accompanying CD that goes with DVD III
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 As with the practice CD we released in conjunction with DVD II all you were required to do was to purchase the chart breaking CD by Mike Longo called "To My Surprise".  By receiving not only this enjoyable musical experience but also the educational experience contained in the CD you received a package worth $29.94 for the greatly reduced amount of only $14.97.  A WHOPPING 50% SAVINGS!

In October of 2013 CAP Records released a new trio CD that reunited Mike Longo with bassist Bob Cranshaw and drumme Lewis Nash called "Step On It."  You may recall hearing it on the radio in your area as it went all the way to the number 3 position on the national air play charts and remained a full 17 weeks on the chart occuping the top 5 for 9 straight weeks. Once again we are making the same offer.  By purchacing this most enjoyable CD you can receive the new practice CD for DVD III ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

Now, at last practicing can be an experience of fun and recreation as you practice with the tracks provided while at the same time feeling your playing growing and getting stronger after each and every practice session.