To Lady with love-Annie Ross-CD + DVD

Fantastic New Jazz CD from Legendary Annie Ross + DVD
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For instance, as Annie Ross makes clear t\at the start of this remarkable album, in a poetic intro that's at once spoken and sung, she has been in love with the music of Billie Holiday since she was 15 years old; by my mathm that's roughly 1945 (sometime between her child-star phase and "Twisted").  Wo why has Annie waited almost 70 years to finally do a tribute albut to Lady Day?

Annie's fans are a group of above average intelligence, and, doubtless, most of you have already answered that question simply by gazing at the tune stack.  Between Ms. Ross's marvelous intro and equally souching "encore," "Music is Forever," there are 10 songs that were recorded by Billie Holiday.  /Abbue nebtubs "Strange Fruit" in her introduction , yet that isn't here- and that isn't for political reasons.  

To Lady With Love is literally that, a love letter to Lady Day, which is not the same thing as The Billie Holiday Songbook, which has been done many times before, by many excellent singers, from Carmen McRae and Abbey Lincoln to Tony Bennett.  Rather, this is Annie's very personal statement about what Lady means to her.  It is accompanied by a DVD with Annie and the musicians discussing the project.
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