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Practice drum tracks for "Fundamentals" DVD as bonust to latest Longo CD
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Item# : CAP1030+Drum CD
You can receive this extremely valuable practice tool in the form of recorded CD containing the play along drum tracks for you to use in conjuntion with your study of Volume II of the Rhythmic Nature of Jazz II - The Fundamentals.  This tool has proved invaluable in 100% of the cases studied and is a must for the serious jazz student.  You also receive the latest Mike Longo CD featuring Bob Cranshaw on bass, Lewis Nash on drums, Jimmy Owens on trumpet and Lance Bryant on saxophone.  This CD is currently topping all of the major jazz charts and receiving wide spread airplay proving itself to be one of the all time great jazz CDs of our time.  You will receive both of these fabulous products for the price of one of them saving you a full $14.97 off the purchase price if bought separately.
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