A note about our shipping policy:

Many ask why our site does not currently provide shipping costs.  Unfortunately, our antennas come in long boxes - most boxes are well over 60 inches (1500mm) and thus incur "dimensional weight" charges.  Additionally, some HF antennas and positioning systems may have to travel by freight due to their size or weight.  This site is limited in its abilities and we are researching other options.  Therefore, please keep the following policies in mind:

 Ground service is the preferred shipping method.  UPS offers the best service and price due to our arrangement with UPS.  We can also ship FedEx or USPS Priority Mail.  Whichever method is selected, we will package it to move safely and quickly and will charge you accordingly.  If you require Next Day with Saturday or early AM delivery, please advise us.  

For all orders we will contact you with a shipping quote before shipping.  Prices and levels of service vary from country to country and we will put our expertise to work to provide affordable and reliable options to ship your purchases.

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