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The Attaboy is amongst the finest in apparatus, mental magic. The original concept is credited to Jack Hughes, who made several models working on the same basic priciple.This Bellboy model is based on the first and original model from which the trick gets it's name. The apparatus resembles a cut-out of a Bellboy, with two houlettes, one at his feet, and one near his hands. The houlettes hold a deck of cards, and cut-out fronts in the houlettes enable the audience to see what is inside the houlette. A pack of cards is displayed, which may be examined and shuffled by the audience. Spectators freely select one or more cards. Cards are noted, and shuffled back into the pack. The pack is placed in the houlette at the bottom. The cards are now taken from the houlette at the bottom, passed one at a time slowly in front of the Bellboy's eyes, and placed in the houlette on top. The spectators are invited to call "Stop" whenever they like. When they call stop, the card stopped at is turned around to show the face, and it is one of the selected cards. This is repeated for the other selected cards. The trick is absolutely amazing, because there is no force of a card, and the spectators are free to stop you at any card as you slowly transfer them one at a time from the houlette at the bottom to the houlette on top. The cards stopped at are the very same cards selected by the audience, - they may be signed if you so wish. The trick is absolutely mechanical in working, and requires no palming, switches, or any elaborate sleights. The apparatus we supply stands 20" high, on a base measuring approximately 4" x 6". It is constructed from plywood and solid wood, and hand painted. The base and cut-out open out for ease in transportation, with the cut-out simply plugging into the base for instant assembling. The apparatus is designed to be used with any pack of cards, - in bridge or poker size. Supplied complete with instructions, here is an apportunity to get a classic prop and an excellent magic effect at a most affordable price.