Children Laugh Louder By David Ginn

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By the summer of 1978 David GinnÆs first major textbook on magic, PROFESSIONAL MAGIC FOR CHILDREN, was already in its second printing, and David had completed an 18-city USA lecture tour featuring material from his shows and books. He finished that tour with an August lecture at AbbottÆs Get-Together, the month that CHILDREN, LAUGH, LOUDER actually appeared in print. ôIf I had waited two years longer before publishing PROFESSIONAL. MAGIC FOR CHILDREN,ö says David, ôthese magic routines might have been a part of that book. Yes, PMC could have been 400 pages long!ö But some of this material still needed polishing through live performances, and that David did in school shows all over his home State of Georgia. Out, of print for nearly 10 years, CHILDREN LAUGH LOUDER is now back with some of David Ginn's best routines: the Colour Changing Shoelaces, Silk Illusion, Popaway Wand, Comedy Bits with Audience Helpers, Trap Door, Magic Words, Purple Puppy Chow, Dog By That Name, Bowing Contest, Shooting Card Trick, Wilting Flower, Ali Bongo Monster Hat, FreakyÆs Terror, and the classic Charlie's Invisible Message. BONUS DVD INCLUDED: Before anyone was aware of the impact of video, a magician taped DavidÆs ô50 WAYS TO MAKE CHILDREN LAUGHö lecture in Schenectady, New York, in June of 1978, and gave David a copy. This 27-year old tape, featuring many of the CHILDREN, LAUGH LOUDER routines, is now a two-hour DVD and appears in a pocket inside this book. ENJOY!