Economicon by Al Smith - Trick

Item# : mu760
Economicon by Al Smith EFFECT: You invite two people from the audience to assist. The two books, The Hidden Canvas and The Tenth Addition, are presented to the spectators, and the first spectator is asked to choose one of the two books. You hand the chosen book to the first spectator and hand the other book to the second spectator. A third spectator is asked to think of a number between 1 and 100. LetÆs say this third spectatorÆs name is ôTomö. You say, ôTom is thinking of a number. That number represents a page in your books. Please turn to that page.ö Of course they canÆt, because they donÆt know the number. The natural and only solution is to have Tom announce his number. When the number is revealed, the first two spectators are asked to turn to that page in their books. Upon doing this, you reveal to both of them what the first word is at the top of the page in each of their books! The included instructions contain additional routines and variations. Book Dimensions: Approximately 5" x 8" (13cm x 20cm)