ESP Telepathy Cards

Item# : mu507
EFFECT: Five blue ESP cards are examined, along with five envelopes. Each card is placed in an envelope. A symbol (or symbols), is mentally selected by a spectator. This card is turned over in itÆs envelope then the envelopes are mixed..even the spectator dosenÆt know where the selection is. The performer can immediatley determine the envelope(s) and symbol(s) selected. This is a killer ôchallengeö effect. Everything can be examined! Immediatlety repeatable! If they try to fool you by selecting more than one symbol, you can still reveal all their selections!EFFECT: A card is chosen, and returned to the deck, then the deck is put aside. The magician introduces a small stack of color photos, on top of which is a picture of a child dressed in a full magicianÆs garb, with a top hat that is clearly too large for his head, and he is holding a fan of cards. The photo is then initaled on the face by a spectator, right next to the child in the picture. The magician then holds the photo back towards the audience, then shakes it. Upon turning it around, all the cards are seen to have fallen to the floor, except for one card, which remains in the childÆs hand. Naturally, itÆs the selection!