International ESP

Item# : r776
We know what you're thinking, after all this is a mental miracle that will make you believe in ESP. But what's the international twist? Well it's done with symbols that everyone is familiar with. Signs you see every day. Like no smoking, no crossing, no U turns. There are 16 of those circles with a red line through it on a heavy card stock with corresponding numbers on the other side. An envelope with a prediction is set on the table or held by the spectator. You show a jumbo paper clip and slide it around the edges of the side with the numbers on it. The spectator can say any number or tell you to stop the paper clip on one. When you turn over the card the clip is on the, for example, No Smoking symbol; when the envelope is opened THE EXACT SYMBOL IS REVEALED INSIDE! With a one out of sixteen chance it's never a coincidence! It's International ESP! The card is 6" x 9" and printed in red and black ink. Really nifty and easy to do and just the right close-up or platform routine that'll have them scratching their heads.