Jumping Watch trick El Duco

Item# : mu686
EFFECT: Two solid ropes are displayed, one red and one white. A spectator may even check them by pulling the ropes. No magnets or fasteners, no loose pieces or extra loops. The spectator ties the ends of the ropes together forming one red loop and one white loop. Again the spectator may pull on the loops to check for openings. You now borrow a spectator's wristwatch and lock it around either of the loops, his choice. The magician now takes the watch and magically links it to the other loop! You have to see it to believe it! Once again, the spectator may check both the knots and the watch! Invariably, someone will request that you do it again, and before they have finished the sentence, the watch is back on the original loop! The spectator may remove the watch himself. Visual magic at its best!