No Way Spider Web

Item# : r1102
This trick is an excellent way to communicate a strong message whether it is gospel, "Say no to drugs", avoiding pear pressure or dangerous situations. This will become a favorite effect of yours. The idea came from combining two great effects. The spider came from Rice's Encyclopedia of Silks, Vol. 1, put together with the ease of the familiar cargo net vanish. This trick is very versatile for a number of routines. A few examples are included with the effect. A large spider is silk screened on a cloth web. Five silks are seen dangling tight in the clutches of the spider. One by one the silks are removed and placed in a rolled newspaper. The newspaper is then unrolled. All silks are now seen back in place in the grapple of the evil spider. GOSPEL PRESENTATION: The illustration we include is from James 1: 15. Be ye doers