Nomen Omen

Item# : r1104
Start out by giving two people each a prediction on a folded slip of paper. The backs of a deck of cards are shown. On each back there is a different name of a person written on it in black marker. The deck is turned over and shown to be a regular deck. You peel off the cards one by one showing the backs with the names on them. You ask one of the spectators to give you any of the names he sees. When he has done so, the deck is stopped at that card and the card with the chosen name is removed and placed aside. Now the deck is turned over and another spectator is asked to stop you at any card. When he does, that card is removed from the pack. The deck is placed aside. The spectator who picked the name of the person, looks at his slip and turns over the card. Sure enough, the prediction matches the value of the card. Now the person who picked the card at random opens his prediction. There is the name of a person on the slip of paper. He turns over his selected card and the name on the slip of paper matches the n ame on the card. Self working, resets automatically, destroys magicians and thrills real people. Treatise by Gary Ouellet and photos by Guy Camirand.