Nursery Rhymes

Item# : r1108
Here's a saucy stunt to get a good laugh from any audience. Clever, visual - with a real punch finish guaranteed to knock their eyes out! Magician takes up a book of nursery rhymes Even nursery rhymes are sexy these days, he says, I've got a small son who was reading this book the other day. This is how I heard the story go: The first page is quickly turned to show a picture of a fierce old lay... Old Mother Hubbard. (As the book is waved slightly, the page flap is operated to bring another page into view.) Went to the cupboard (the cupboard is shown). To get her poor daughter a dress (the next picture...a dress on a hanger). When she got there, the cupboard was bare (picture of the cupboard reappears). AND SO WAS HER DAUGHTER I GUESS! Now its doors are opened and it is clearly seen that the cupboard is empty). The book suddenly drops open to show a picture of a glamorous young lady in the almost altogether! Here's an item that takes up no room in your case; packs flat in the bottom of your bag...just pull it out and work it at any time. Size of the book is approximately 4" x 8"; size of the picture at the end is 4" x 40" long. Silk-screened in bright colors and with lots of flesh! A hilarious effect suitable for a mature audience.