Raven's Slates by Docc Hilford

Item# : mu436
Almost every magician of any standing has demonstrated his ability to receive spirit messages. These astral communications nearly always appear silently and in secret. Not Anymore! Now, the audience can actually HEAR the chalk write the complete message, and they can SEE the writing slowly come into focus. Effect: Two pieces of black slate board are freely shown blank on both sides. Each side is wiped clean with a wet cloth. The slates are set on edge and leaned against a glass. A single piece of chalk is placed between the two boards When the mage extends his finger toward the slates and makes the slightest contact, THE CHALK BEGINS TO WRITE! The audience hears each letter being formed between the slates. They hear the looping of the letters, the crossing of "T"s and the dotting of "I"s. The mage doesn't move at all during the process; not even his finger! The sound of the writing comes from the slates and the actual chalk between them. The outside slate is removed and written in chalk on the second slate is a lengthy message. There's more! The mage cleans the first slate board again, showing both sides shiny black and free of any writing. He leans the single board against another glass. Slowly and silently another message appears before the eyes of the audience! It looks like a ghostly special effect from a movie. Without exaggeration, men have wept witnessing these demonstrations in actual seances. In a special living and dead test, you can allow a spectator to write the names of several people on one slate, wash them clean, and the only dead name will reappear on the slate five times larger than originally written! You can cause any messages to appear and the slates can be used over and over. This is a hand-made apparatus that requires over 200 man-hours to produce. Important Features: No flaps, roller blinds, or secret covers No extra slates are used No switches No special numbering of sides All four sides are washed clean No white carbons The messages are actually written in chalk Nothing is added or taken from the slates The sound comes from the actual chalk and slates The magician doesn't move No hook-ups; completely self contained No threads or remote controls No assistants are needed. No recordings. The sound is really chalk on slate No special lighting needed The message can be put on the slate during performance Effect can be performed surrounded The slates can be examined before and after It's astounding to hear the chalk write the message It's chilling to see the message appear You receive a pair of slate boards, chalk and illustrated instructions with several effects. Get your set today! The equipment we supply is a beautiful red feather on a stem of green feathers. Also included is a beautiful 18" tie-dyed silk handkerchief.