Switch Can

Item# : r1472
The switch can is a utility prop that will enable you to produce, vanish or exchange small items and even liquids. It stands four inches high and has a diameter of three and one quarter inches. Some of the things you can do with this item are as follows: (1). Colored confetti poured into the can changes to spring flowers. (2). White paper strips and some colored liquid changes to several colored silks, or a large multicolored silk. (3). Small solid colored silks change to a large multicolor blendo silk or use the can to vanish or produce a silk for any silk trick or routine requiring a silk production or vanish. (4). Piece of rope or ribbon cut in three placed in the can is magically restored. (5). Loose coins placed in the can (magic bank) change to a big amount (large denomination currency). (6). Knots appear on a rope or ribbon placed in can, or knots vanish. (7). Use it for forcing a slip of paper. For example, many names written by spectators on different slips are exchanged for a number of slips with the same name. Spectator will pick one of the "force" slips, which you have previously predicted. (8). A number of spectators drop folded notes (of the same denomination) in the can. They are mixed and one is freely selected. You have a spectator concentrate and tell him the serial number of the note. There are literally hundreds of other things that you can do with this can. All you need is a little imagination.