The Side Steal Declassified - Paul Cummins, DVD

Item# : mu745
Paul Cummins has been personalizing and honing Ed Marlo's Deliberate Side Steal for over 30 years during live performances and is recognized as one of the top practitioners of the sleight. The information contained on this media will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to perform the sleight, tips to avoid pitfalls during the execution of the sleight, and routines that demonstrate no less than five different functionalities of the Side Steal. A La Annemann - A startling opener - one card changes four times in six seconds! This routine demonstrates the side steal as a control to the top of the deck. Bar None - A two-card transposition in which one card is held against the table by a spectator. Includes a presentational angle that takes away any confusion as to which card is in which spot. This routine demonstrates Bill Simon's wonderful idea of side stealing a card to a position second from the top of the deck. The Trick That Never Happened - Take your audience back and forth through time. J.K. Hartman has said: "Paul's treatment of Roy Walton's Time Travelers is outstanding." This routine demonstrates the side steal as a shift of a block of cards from the bottom to the top of the deck. AACAAAN1 - Almost any card at almost any number, version 1. Paul has performed this routine for the laity for over 25 years. This routine demonstrates the side steal as a secret slip cut. Just In Case - A card under and in the cardbox routine honed from nightly performances over the bar. This routine demonstrates the side steal into a full classic palm. Stumped! - Three spectators quickly take a peek into the deck, each remembering a card. The performer tables the deck and can instantly tell each spectator which card they peeked at.