Using Illusions to Tell the Truth with Duane Laflin

Item# : mu298
This video answers four questions about gospel ômagicö 1. Why use illusions to tell the truth? 2. What are Gospel illusions? 3. How does one do ôgospel illusionsö well? 4. How does one get started with this kind of ministry? The information will prove helpful to both the advanced performer and the beginners in the field of gospel ministry. Thirteen routines are shown and fully explained in this informative lecture. Routines Include: Direction Arrow Water Suspension Rainbow Rope Circle Money Machine Color Changing Streamer Change Bag Drawer Box Small Blendo Stiff Rope Silk Folder Tear Apart Bag Illusion of One Rope Pompom Stick NTSC only. Approximate running time- 60 minutes. Other videos by Duane Laflin include: CD Magic Kid Show Silk Magic Knots Off Silk Sensational Silk Magic Simply Beautiful Silk Magic Gospel Magic for the Young at Heart