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Logo Cookie Cutter
by  OSU
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Availability :  Orders for this product placed between June 26 - July 9, will ship July 10, 2013.
Fabulous handmade tin cookie cutter.  Made like old-fashioned cutters, only better.  Completely food safe.  The backplate of tin keeps the design sturdy and features a handle.  The extra air holes are added to eliminate suction when used with thick dough or clay.  

Easy to decoarate!  Simply pipe frosting along the lines and add shaved chocolate to make the nut (frosting or corn syrup will hold the chocolate in place).

Approx. 3" X 4".  Nothing else like it available. 
I want you to be happy with your Tin Treasure.  Please hand wash and thoroughly dry it after each use. I recommend a hair dryer to eliminate moisture in the seams.  Do not push on the handle when cutting.  Use the handle for positioning and lifting only.  Use your fingers to press down on the back of the cutter all around the outer edge to ensure complete cutting.  

Please call me if you have any concerns that are not addressed here.  740-965-3047
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