OSU Cookie Cutters

Create a memorable treat or slip one of these top-quality tin cookie cutters into the stocking of a favorite OSU fan. The details in the cutter make an impression in the dough to give you lines to decorate.  They’re great for makeing sweet treats, holiday ornaments and decorating your OSU tree.  

Each cutter is handmade by an Ohio tinsmith who was recently named one of America’s Best Heritage Crafters by Early American Life Magazine.  The design is soldered to a backplate of tin to keep the design sturdy.  It also creates a place for detail, like the inside of the OSU logos.  Collect a piece of history and enjoy a few game day treats!

Ohio State #1 Cookie Cutter 2" X 3"
Price: $13.00
Commemorative Block O #1 Cutter 3" x 4"
Price: $15.00
The Ohio State University Mascot Cookie Cutter
Price: $18.00
Make The Ohio State University logo in one cut!
Price: $14.00
Reclaimed barn board and tin remodeled for new tenants
Price: $29.00
Creative duplex remodeled from reclaimed barn board and tin
Price: $36.00
Logo Cookie Cutter
Price: $18.00
Price: $14.00