What are the cutters made of?
Our tinware is made from tinplate - thin sheets of steel coated with tin, a natural metal, on both sides.

Are tin cookie cutters food safe?
Yes. The cookie cutters we handcraft contain no lead or antimony. Our shiny cutters are perfectly safe for use with food. Our antique or primitive cutters begin as shiny cutters and are treated to give them the dark gray patina. This will also allow them to rust.   

The cutting edges of the cutter can be sharp. We grind the edge of the plate backs, making them smooth and safe to handle, but cookie cutters can, with careless handling, cut skin and mar furniture.

Will the tin items rust?
The tin coating on our items will not rust unless scratched deep enough to penetrate through to the steel core.    The cut edges may rust in time as the steel core is exposed.    Treat your tin items with loving care and they will last for generations.    Wash cutters with a mild dish soap and dry thoroughly.    We recommend you use a hair dryer.    Do not leave them in your sink drainer or on a damp towel. Our antique cutters will rust if exposed to moisture.