A Snip of Tin Cookie Cutter History

The folks at Orchard Canyon Heirlooms keep an American craft alive. We hand bend, solder,and snip tinplate into the highest quality tin cookie cutters and accessories available today. Throughout the house, barn and workshop of our 1850’s Ohio farmstead, we recreate a product unique to Colonial and Early American tinsmiths.

Few tinsmiths continue to offer this truly American style of cutter because of the time involved in soldering the plate back. Yet it is the plate back that holds the design rigid, making it an heirloom that lasts for generations. Many of our designs are faithful reproductions, with one exception: all materials are free of lead and antimony. Because all of our products are made one at a time, we specialize in custom designs. Let us know if we can recreate a memorable design for you.

We hope you enjoy your snip of history!