PLEASE NOTE that shipping charges will NOT appear on your order confirmation email. This is because we manually add this fee and charge your credit card appropriately in order to assure that you are receiving the best rate possible. Email if you have any questions.

Deliveries Within the United States and its Territories
Unless otherwise indicated (small items may be charged less):
First Item: $5.50
Each Additional Item: $2.00

International Deliveries

RGE Publishing will only accept orders from overseas customers when paid via PayPal or check or money order in USD, including overseas customers that ship to a US address. Place your order online as normal, and you will receive a personal e-mail with the final amount including shipping charges. Your order will remain on hold for a period of 20 days or until your check or money order arrives. Previous overseas customers may be exempt; contact Bettie Paige at with any questions.

Deliveries to Canada/Mexico Addresses
First Item: $20.00
Each Additional Item: $6.00

Deliveries to Overseas Addresses
First Item: $25.00
Each Additional Item: $10.00

All foreign orders are subject to higher rates if the rates above do not cover our cost to ship the item.
  This may happen if you order a heavy book or if the item is travelling quite a long way. Also, all orders to foreign addresses are subject to customs fees and/or taxes as dictated by that country’s regulations.