Wiconi International
P.O. Box

Vancouver, WA 98668


Shipping/Handling Policy:

Customer will pay shipping and handling:
Up to $25.00 = $5.00
  $25.01-50.00 = $6.00
    $50.01-$75.00 = $7.50
        $75.01-$100.00 = $10.00
          $101.00-$150.00 = $11.00
     $151-$200.00 = $12.00
      Over $200.00 = $15.00.

Select the correct shipping charge according to your product total
during the check out process. Please allow 7-14 b
usiness days from order date for delivery. For those ordering by personal check or money order, please mail your check including S& H to the above address and we will then ship your order.  

If you require International rates select the International option and we will figure the shipping charges. We will ship the least expensive way available through USPS. If you wish us to email you for approval before shipping,
PLEASE NOTE THAT IN YOUR ORDER.   For U.S. orders our normal delivery is US Media Mail (USPS). If you require faster shipping please add a note to your order form or email us at: We will inform you of the additional cost.