Our Returns and Exchange Policy

We offer returns or exchanges only on items that have not been worn or do not show signs of wear, within 30 days of date purchased.

If you have worn them out, even for just one night...that’s wear.

If you have simply tried them on around the house with your various articles of clothing...that is not wear.

If the soles show signs of wear or if there is excessive creasing across the toe box...that is wear.

Please fill out the form included in your box if you can - without a doubt - say that they’ve not been worn outside and they have no signs of wear on the upper. Send them back to the address on the form, with everything filled out (name, address, phone, reason for returning or exchanging).

If you are exchanging them, as soon as we receive the first pair back, we’ll ship out the pair you’re asking for. If it’s more money, we will charge your card. However, we don’t charge shipping for exchanges (unless you want it there sooner, and then we will charge you the rate for how you would like it shipped). Please make sure to include your name, address and phone number inside the package.

Include a copy of your invoice and credit card receipt for both exchanges or returns.