Product Availability
 We strive to fill orders as quickly as possible, and display  those items which are currently available to order.  However, it is possible that some items, sizes or colors may be out of stock near the end of the season.

When will my credit/debit card be charged?

We do not charge your card until your order is ready for shipment.

I want to ship it to a different address than my billing, why won’t you do that anymore?

    Well, you know the saying "it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch"? Sadly with theft and fraud these days becoming more rampant, we have had to change some polices to protect our online customers. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

But it still allows me to fill in the separate addresses?
While that may be true, we will contact you to confirm that we will not be shipping it to the different address, as the template we use from Fast Commerce doesn’t have a way to make the change.

Why is there a hole in the sole of my wooden Troentorp?    
    The form, which the leather is wrapped around on its way to being stapled onto the sole, needs to not move. By nailing it in place it allows the clog maker to get a consistent shape to the leather upper. If it is bothersome, you can put a drop of wood glue in it and wipe off the excess. When it dries, it sould be barely noticable.

Do wooden Troentorp clogs support my foot better?
    Well, IF the arch support hits your foot in the correct place, yes. The wood does not break down and compress under your weight, thus giving your foot better, more consistent, support. However, if the arch of the clog does not line up with the arch of your foot, we might suggest going a different direction, such as a Dansko or Sanita, or a Troentorp style with an adjustible upper like laces or a buckle.

How hard is it to walk in open backed clogs?
    I never like to say it is hard or it is easy. It is an individual thing. If you can wear open backed shoes, such as mules, then you should have an easier time of it. However, you will need to learn how to walk in a clog if you’ve never worn them before. The natural roll to the sole should allow you to simply put a bit of weight on your toes and BOOM you will be walking.

Why clogs?

    It’s a question I get asked often by people who come into the shop looking to get shoes for working on their feet for long hours. The answer is simple. When you are on your feet for an extended period of time your body is what feels it. If you have footwear that has arch support you have a body that is supported. When you wear a shoe that has a removable insole, such as in a sneaker, the support is all in that insole. When you stand on it for many hours, the insole compresses and the support is gone. Clogs have support built into the actual soles. This means the support will remain for a much longer period of time.  


Are these anti-slip, anti-skid?

    Basically you are asking if you will take a nosedive in clogs, answer is you shouldn’t. Many of the styles we will show you will be nonskid, nonslip. However, if you have issues with gravity and fall often, we can’t really help you with that nose dive issue. Just walk carefully! Danskos are SATRA approved and also accepted by the (APMA) American Podiatric Medical Association. 


How do I go about cleaning these if I spill something on them?

    Don’t you mean when you spill something on them?  All of the clogs are easy to care of. When you spill, wipe them off with a warm wet cloth. Simple as that. If you get something a bit nasty on them we have products at the store we can sell you to get them clean.


If I wear these at work and my feet hurt can I bring them back?

    In a word, No. Once they are worn in the work setting or outside and have signs of wear you may not bring them back. We suggest you try them out around your house. Don’t try to wear them for a full day of work, take your time getting to know them. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing them all day, everyday. Clogs are different than any other type of shoe out there. They have a rather intense arch support, something your feet may not be used to. It will take time to adjust, give your feet the time. Also if they are too tight or stiff at any point on the upper, try dampening them on the inside with water so they can relax.


These clogs are loose in the heel; they feel too big…

    Clogs with the enclosed heels are designed to be loose in the heel. Because of the rocker bottom your heels must slip out easily so that you may take a proper stride. Clogs are also designed with your feet in mind, give them room and they will be happy.