Beast Demon Mask Full Head Mask

by Scarecrow
by  Scarecrow
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(SFM124-C) Softflex Foam Latex Full Head Mask conforms to your features and moves with your expressions, to create a unique character of the person behind the mask. This unusual mask hugs the face, with jagged teeth on bottom of mouth opening, allowing you to eat, drink and breath naturally through mouth and allowing the eyes to show completely. 
BEAST Mask Features Rigid Resin Curled Horns, Zipper Back for Easy on/off. 
(Fang color is Natural Beasty Yellowish color - NOT Black as shown)

- One Size

NOTE: Scarecrow discontinued their line of fabulous theatrical quality masks a couple of years ago, and have been horded by collectors ever since.  This full head mask was produced during the last year of the last run. 
There is a small surface tear in the neck area, aprox 1" long, but should not diminish the value or wearability of this true work of art.

Please Note: This is the last one in stock, and has sustained minir damage from storing - see photos. NOT RETURNABLE

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