Fishnet Pantyhose Fancy Dress Costume Fishnets

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Item# : 1733-E
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(Style #1733 -E) Stretch cotton/nylon fishnet pantyhose in vibrant colors for all your sexy outfits!
Fishnet pantyhose in Standard Colors and New Neon Pink for 60’s Go-Go outfits, neon green goes great with those new Tinkerbell costumes, plus neon orange, and basic Black for Halloween Costumes, Red or white for Nurse costumes, Christmas or Valentines Day outfits! 

Hint: Layer your fishnet pantyhose over sheer pantyhose or contrasting color sheer pantyhose for both comfort and a unigue colorful style!

One Size   

Choose: Basic colors available;  
Black, Nude, Red, White
Neon Colors; 
Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink
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