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[Out of Print] We were planning to reprint, but discovered that the negatives had deteriorated over time, making a 9th printing extremely expensive. Since the original layout has been destroyed, we’ve decided to retire this book. Remaining copies are numbered and signed, representing the last of the eighth printing. Uechi-ryu Karate do is the most popular Uechi book ever published. 500 pages. Contains the only photographs of Grandmaster Kanei Uechi performing kata. Now, destined to become a most desired collector’s item. [Limit 1 per customer] No discounts.

Note: The first printing had a yellow cover, which has been out of stock for many years. The remaining books are from the last printing and has a red cover. And as of 12/4/2023, we only have 2 copies left. Neither are numbered or signed.
George and Susan
GandS Consulting 
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